Friday, August 10, 2007

Breathtaking desserts!

Ever wonder where to get good dessert? Now you'll know.
Watch your desserts freshly prepared by pastry chef Faizal in the open-kitchen concept and inhale the first whiff of caramel butter infusion in the air.
The tiramisu is breath-taking and to-die-for. Friends describe it as the best tiramisu in the world. It has the perfect blend of
rum and mascapone, which melts in your mouth. But wait, there is something else, the crunchy cocoa balls topping give the ultimate ending to your palate. You can also order them in little take home jam jars to take home. Just remember to keep it in the fridge.
Warm chocolate goodness - the ultimate chocolate pudding is prepared and warmed up just precisely, with molten chocolate lava oozing out of its warm crusty crust. It is served at just the right temperature, and did we say, the cake comes with fresh homemade vanilla ice cream.
Oh crumbs! Apples and rhubarb crumble, made with fresh autuum fruits. Topped with homemade ice-cream, the apple and rhubarb crumble is sinfully divine. The fruits come in generous portions and the crusty crumble gives the right amount of crispiness.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Peaberry - "Caviar" of coffee

Peaberries—coffee beans that grow alone in a single cherry—were once considered a defect, a deformed bean. Now, these small round beans are highly prized, and are sometimes even called the “caviar” of coffee.
For a long time, most roasters didn’t know much about this “black sheep” of the coffee family, just that it looked different than a regular bean—small and round instead of long and irregular. Growers were asked to sort Peaberries out by hand, just as they would any other defect.
Then, roasters began to notice that Peaberry’s single bean had a very concentrated aroma and flavor. Intuitively, it made sense—if the tree was growing just one bean per cherry instead of two, then wouldn’t that bean get twice as much flavor, aroma and acidity? Intrigued, roasters began to ask farmers to separate the Peaberry from the coffee—not as a defect this time, but as a special coffee in its own right.
After a few years, however, the farmers were less willing to sort the Peaberries out. When the Peaberry was taken out, cuppers found that it reduced the cup profile and the cupping scores of the regular coffee began to drop.
Thus, the Peaberry has come full circle. From its humble beginnings as the “runt of the litter,” it has now grown into something of a celebrity in the cup.

Experience a taste of Germany

Tucked away amidst the HDB estate of Sunset Way lies a jewel of a German restaurant serving authentic taste of German cuisine. Peaberry and Pretzel brings recipes of Berlin and the neighbouring cities of Germany to Singapore for a unique gastronomic experience. The menu carries a wide range of authentic German food including their famous laberkase, sauerkraut, German sausages, roasted meats and beers directly imported from Germany.
The ubiquitous pork knuckle is the highlight of Peaberry's menu - A huge piece of meltingly tender meat slow-roasted in beer and spices, then fired in the oven to give it crackling. It is a hearty serving of meat bone with tantalizing sauerkraut and creamed potato on the side.